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Due to jogging, joggers expand their social cycles. But the important thing is that running is a kind of pleasure exercise. Maybe some people are used to thinking that we have to make responsibility to do any exercises. I also wanted to give a big shout out to /r/bourbon. I have been lurking a long time, but subreddits like this are really what makes reddit such a special place. The idea that a complete stranger would send me such a rare sample still blows my mind.

Today, 7th May is a special day. A very special day in fact. Because today, besides the Nike Goddess 5K run happening at 5pm later, more than 2 million Singaporeans will be exercising together as one. The iPad is very versatile. Apps from the app store lets us work and play all on the same device. There are several ways to interact with the iPad by touch, by keyboard, by stylus and now even by joystick.

The driver, 40 year old Mehrez Berkane, a native of Algeria but a Liverpudlian for 18 years, has just returned from giving a ride to an elderly man as part of his commitment to the holy month of Ramadan just underway, and now he has offered a ride to a curious sort who happened by. As he drives, he clearly, deeply and enthusiastically wishes to explain something elemental. At times he slaps his knee for emphasis.

An income of $2.28 a day, the base pay of Nike factory workers in Indonesia, sounds like sub standard compensation. But a recent Washington Post article reveals that not only is Nike in compliance with the minimum wage standard in Indonesia, but its workers receive more than double the daily income of about half the working population. Half of all adults in Indonesia are farmers, who receive less than $1 a day.

So, too, does Hamilton, who is building a concerted quest for a fifth world title to draw him level with Juan Manuel Fangio. Did the dominance of this display represent a major shift in momentum, away from Ferrari? Not if you asked Wolff, who conceded he was “b worried” about Monaco in a fortnight’s time, when Mercedes are likely to be tested more severely by the high downforce street circuit. This was a day, though, that they deserved to savour.

“Then when that threat is gone, our body comes back to homeostasis and rest.” For someone whose body and or mind is chronically stressed, there’s no default to homeostasis. For their body, it’s like living in a scary movie all the time (okay, not quite that scary, but you get the gist). Long term stress actually deteriorates the body.

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