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ELLIOTT: Yeah, it was a April of 2010. The Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, 11 rig workers were immediately killed, the rig was on fire, it sunk. BP had this out of control well that was spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico pretty much unchecked for about three months before BP engineers were able to figure out how to stop it.

TOTENBERG: First of all, the chief justice seems to be fine. There have been periods of time, more than a year, when we went without somebody on the court. We’ve just experienced the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist who was very sick for over a year I think it was a year and a half before he died and was out for quite some time.

Gunthardt has not been alone in defending the decision the legendary American Chris Evert said: “You can’t blame the tournaments really for wanting to be successful and wanting to enhance their tournament by having a big draw like Sharapova. 1 [and a] grand slam champion.”The Stuttgart organisers are not breaking any rules by what they are doing, but they are clearly bending over backwards to accommodateSharapova. Doing so hardly sends the strongest message about zero tolerance on doping violations, and it is slightly disingenuous of Gunthardt to claim the tournament normally sells out, since clearly Sharapova’s return will bring the event unprecedentedinterest and coverage..

What if your cholesterol’s normal, though? I hear that a lot. But here’s the thing: having a “normal” cholesterol in a society where it’s “normal” to drop dead of a heart attack is not necessarily a good thing. According to the editor in chief of the American Journal of Cardiology, “For the build up of plaque in our arteries to cease, it appears that the serum total cholesterol needs to be lowered to the 150 area.

After Long Weeks of Stressful WorkIt was almost two months since I last visited my hub and I missed writing about anything I thought of. I’ve been to conferences and seminars and have noted down words for me to start with new hubs which are supposed to be posted just after I came home from those out of town businesses. I got lots of ideas entering my mind while I was so busy at work but I did not even finish one hub to post.

CP7 located right next to the Teluk Bahang was such a welcome sight. The RELA members warned that we should get going as the traffic was building up. I wasn going to waste anymore time anyway as I just wanted to get the whole thing done! If only I could move quicker than a sloth! 14 Km of the most hair raising stretch of road I ever ran laid between CP7 and the finish.

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