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In his new book, Reinventing Fire Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era offers “actionable solutions for four intensive sectors of the : , buildings, industry, and electricity”. The Rocky Mountain Institutes Lovins states ” can become more competitive, profitable, and resilient by leading the transformation from fossil fuels to and renewables. This transition will build a stronger , a more secure nation, and a healthier .” Imagine if this approach can be applied at a level, with a combination of government/ and monitored, measurable multi national and a collective common conscience.

I think you need to trust that the doctor(s) will be able to help with decision, but trust your heart too. I’m under the impression (based on a couple of things you’ve written) you’re someone who does believe in God, so maybe this is a time to pray for some guidance about the decision too.There are lots of thoughts and prayers with you.Lisa HWposted 7 years agoI don’t really think the doctors are either passing the buck or being cowardly. I think it’s more likely they’re respecting Brionna’s grandmother’s right to have some say in which risk is taken, which option is most acceptable to her if all does well, and which option is least objectionable if it doesn’t.

But last night, Madge had a rapt audience for her quiet, respectful tribute to Michael Jackson. I’m not sure that Ms. Ciccone was responsible for writing every word of her 6 minute speech, but she certainly managed to convey a personal connection to the King of Pop.

PESCA: Well, in the case of Sharapova, everything you said is true, but the context is sure, this was just newly banned. But everyone who looked at drugs and looked at doping said, well, we know what the drug is doing, and though it has some non performative purposes, in fact, this drug was first invented and one of the first uses was to help Russian soldiers in the high mountains of Afghanistan because it helps with oxygen intake, exactly what a lot of illegal drugs do. So finally, it got to the tennis list.

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