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Just as is the case with kitchen appliances, anything that purportedly makes cleaning the house or doing laundry easier is not a proper item for a gift. It’s the kind of thing that you bring home from the hardware store on a random day just because, as opposed to on a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary. Even then, though tread carefully..

The sparkly butterfly costume Katy Perry wore to sing “Wide Awake” at Canada Much Music Video Awards on Sunday was fine as long as she had the wings on. But when her name was called to receive the best international artist award, she ran onstage sans wings, and then had to hold the trophy against her backside to prevent viewers from seeing too much through the sheer fabric. [Huffington Post].

It’s not just onshore environments that containerisation has shaped and transformed. The surfaces of our planet’s oceans for centuries a space of mystery and myth, of expanse and desolation have been rationalised and shrunk. Once an enigmatic, awe inspiring place, the sea has become a zone of efficiency, little more than another channel for the automated supply chain network..

The various Magic Band payment systems look similar to credit card readers only they have a subtle mouse icon on the front. In order to make the Mickey icon on your Magic Band line up just right with that machine, you have to maneuver your arm into an unnatural position. Often the sales person has to hold your arm and help you line everything up.

It was an activist conservative crowd you know, people in three cornered hats and the whole deal. In the middle of my talk, I stopped, and I said, you know, I know that we don’t have any of our progressive friends here, and I want you to remember that they are not stupid, and they’re not evil. And this lady put up her hand, and she said, actually, I think they’re stupid and evil.

Lilith Carthagos:”I really wish people would stop calling me a sorceress, it’s all science! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MAGIC!” A former devotee of Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, Lilith is the most human looking of the group, aside from the fact her eyes are twin columns of purple blue warpfire. Happier in the role of an advisor the former Sorceress is an excellent source of forbidden knowledge. Skilled Sorceress and psyker, well versed in combat magic and dozens of other rituals.

Many of the Anzac soldiers had animal companions. And It’s estimated more than 136 thousand Australian horses were sent to World War 1. The horses, along with donkeys and camels, helped carry heavy loads and soldiers. 100% this! I just took my daughter for a library card and ended up with one myself. I’ve read more books in the last month that I have the last year thanks to a huge ebook library I can read on my kindle and we’ve checked out DVDs for movie night. We also have access to digital movies, a huge online course database, there are tons of learning apps on the library computers including ABC Mouse for the kids, and we can even check out artwork.

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