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When I mentioned that I was writing about the good word of commitment, my husband’s initial response was . “302”. ( Note: A “302” is an involuntary commitment for emergency evaluation and treatment for persons who are “dangerous” to themselves or others due to a mental illness which can last up to five days.).

Accidentally picked up this new top from Zara the other day when really I was supposed to be working on my thesis, but anyhow, what done is done (ripped the tag off immediately, so no returns). It the minifluffy ball detailing at the bottom that got me Perfectly refreshing onthe shoulders for a hot summer day whilst keeping you warmfor London drastic weather mood swings. From Dubai climate to Iceland temperatures.

And if you living in a condo right now you might want to start thinking of how you going to afford a single family home in a decent neighborhood. In LA, basic starter homes in prime zip codes START at $1.5 to $2M. That like a $12k/month mortgage + taxes.

Raise your hand if this happens to you, like, every year: Your friend drags you to a haunted house the day before Halloween and you’re forced to navigate room after room of monsters, ghosts, and goons that jump out at you, lurk behind you, and let out blood curdling screams. Your heart is beating in your ears, you’ve figured out that you can definitely jump high enough to try a box jump next time at boot camp, and you may or may not have peed your pants a little (don’t worry, we won’t tell).But did you ever stop to wonder: 1) What is this kind of intense fright doing to my body? 2) How is my friend being so chill about this? and 3) Why the hell do we do this to ourselves? Well, we were wondering the same thing, so we chatted with stress expert Dr.What happens to your body in a haunted house goes back to our caveman days: Essentially, you’re confronted with an external threat (ex: 6 foot tall teenager in a zombie mask that looks scary real). This threat triggers your internal fight or flight response, particularly in the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis in your brain, which is part of the hormonal stress response system.Your pupils dilate to let more light in, your heart beats stronger and faster to get more blood to your muscles, your veins constrict (causing a spike in blood pressure), your blood thickens (in case it needs to clot if you get injured), your digestive and rest functions slow down, and your mind clears but not to be logical.

Under perfect conditions, each shoulder is, like the dumbbell press, only exposed to fifty pounds of force. However, we live in a world where mistakes frequently occur, despite the amount of precautions taken. For whatever reason, say that you unintentionally shift your body weight to your right side.

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