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Sure, Hawai’i invokes dreams of lazy days on sandy beaches sipping umbrella drinks. But every year, more than 2,300 triathletes trek to Kona on Hawai’i Island to make it big Big Island big at the Ironman World Championship.The race has athletes tackle a 140.6 mile course around Hawai’i Island, along with celebrities like actor and first time Ironman Sean Astin and inspiring age group athletes like blind former Marine, Steve Walker, heart transplant recipient and cancer survivor, Derek Fitzgerald, and Tammy Nicholson, who was told she’d never walk again. ET on NBC.

Athletes who spoke with HuffPost recalled having no health concerns at the time they were playing on the new generation turf, which is designed to simulate natural grass in look and feel. Green plastic ribbons are suspended in a deep, cushioned layer of the recycled tires. Many state laws prohibit burning tires, or even disposing of them in landfills, because of the potential release of toxic chemicals.

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Cleveland has won all three of its matchups against Indiana, though none have been blowouts. In a way, though, that shows just how tough a matchup the Cavaliers are for Indiana, because even on bad days, Cleveland can accomplish all the little things it needs to do against the Pacers in order to win. Neither Cleveland nor Indiana is particularly good when it comes to the free throw battle, but the Cavs have had a clear advantage over the Pacers, getting to the line 8.3 times more in their meetings.

We live in a world where how we dress matters, whether you like or not. Sure you can go around trying hunt exclusively for people who will purely take you in for who you are on the inside, but many of those genuinely amazing people may pass you by at first if you always dressed like a complete slob. Thus, maybe it makes sense to dress better, even if it not purely to do it for yourself..

I don live in your insanely paranoid country. I don live or force the “bubble boy” life on any creature. I don live in a city where vehicles are an issue. I remember my grandfather telling me why the photo was taken, but I don’t recall the reason. I do remember that the children belonged to a club or an organization of some kind. The reason for the gathering seems to be a special occasion, since the boys are wearing suits or uniforms and someone has written a nice comment on the photo..

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